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Combining students in Biology + Life Science (7th & 10th)? WWYD?

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Next year, it looks like I will be full-time tutor (all subjects) for 4 girls:  two 10th graders and two 7th graders.  For science, I plan for the 10th graders to take Biology and for the 7th graders to take Life Science.  I want to keep them all together, and those two courses fit together well.


So I need either:


1) TWO programs that mesh well so that the girls can read on their own (or use an audio CD), and then they can all work together on experiments and other activities.  I read somewhere (maybe on the WTM boards?) that BJU Biology + BJU Life Science pair especially well.  A complication, however, is that neither of the 10th graders reads very well; one of the girls is probably more like 6th or 7th grade level in reading, while the other is about 8th or 9th grade level.  I looked at BJU Biology, and it looks like it would be overwhelming for the 10th graders because of their reading limitations. 


or 2) ONE program that I can use with BOTH age/grade levels but with different requirements for the 7th (life science) and 10th (high school biology) graders.  I had originally planned to use Apologia Biology, but I don't know how accessible it would be for the 7th graders (or even these 10th graders, for that matter).  I know there is an audio CD for Apologia Biology, but they don't like using it.  And besides, if the 7th graders use Apologia Biology now, I'll have to find something else for them when they get to high school biology.  Maybe I could use BJU Life Science for BOTH grade levels, and supplement some for the 10th graders to make it more rigorous.  Just brainstorming here, so tell me your thoughts.



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I'm not familiar with all the different textbooks and programs, but in my eyes the main distinction between biology and life science is depth, especially in biochemistry.


I would suggest that if you want to line up topics, that you have the 7th graders do topics 3 topics in a term while the 10th graders only do 2 topics. 


So they might all start Cell Biology together, but then while the 10th graders are going more in depth, the 7th graders switch to a 'filler' easy topic like basic human anatomy and health that the 10th graders will not be covering.  It would go something like this:


So in a 12 week term:

10th graders:

weeks 1-6 cell bio

weeks 7-12 inheritance and genetics


7th graders

weeks 1-4 cell bio

weeks 5-8 human bio and health (or whatever topic you wouldn't have the 10th graders studying)

weeks 9-12 inheritance


That is one way you could give the 10th graders the advanced material they need, while still trying to keep all the kids together as best a possible. 


Good Luck,


Ruth in NZ

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