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Society for Classical Learning recording recommendations?

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I realize this is a long shot, but my husband bought me a Society for Classical Learning membership for Christmas, so I have access to all of the audios from past conferences.  


1) session recommendations for me


2) sessions that my family might tolerate listening to on a trip:)  


Thanks in advance,


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Thanks for the speaker input.  I haven't listened to Perrin yet.  I did listen to one Rallens and she was inspiring.  I'll try all of hers for myself.  Our trip is over and we listened to Treasure Seekers by E. Nesbitt.


I will share one that some of my children and my husband liked.  It is on the free page.


If you scroll all the way down and then go up 6 or so lectures to “shut up and lead†by Jeff Myers or Meyers


It is very geared to the particular audience he is talking to with regard to how to purchase his materials up until 13:30 in to the session, after that it is very applicable to life in general and parenting in particular.  He is a good speaker and the children of mine who listened (ages 11,13,15) all liked it and so did my husband.




I don't know what to say with regard to whether it is worth it for homeschoolers.  I have found quite a few that even though the audience is brick and mortar schools I get things out of them.  I haven't listened to enough to tell you more.  But I had listened to a lot of the free ones before getting the subscription.  This summer I plan to listen to lots of it to inspire me for next year!


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