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I am trying to make myself watch TWSS....again....

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I'm finding his asides--like the fact that some people are noun or verb people and that I shouldn't necessarily guide my child in their choice of words when outlining helpful...but I am running out of kettle corn popcorn and other incentives to keep going. Those who have made it through....are there especially good sections I should hit?

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I have watched it several times. I find myself zoning out sometimes, despite the fact that I do like him. However, my kids love him, and they always want to watch with me. I always laugh in the section when he admonishes us not to try to teach everything to our kids at once, like he is doing to us in the seminar, because my kids are right there watching it with me. They find that funny too, and it is a sort of incentive to keep watching (they feel like little grown-ups, I guess). So maybe make your 6th grader some kettle corn and lemonade! ;)

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I like him; have even seen him at conferences and enjoyed him. But TWSS does need to be broken up over a good period of time. I watched it according to the SWI schedule, to give me a heads up on what he planned to teach to the kids. I liked having the teachers part under my belt to better understand how to handle the SWI lessons.


So if you're trying to do too much, that could be it. Or else it just might not be your style. My kids love Pudewa. The boys are finally enjoying writing and doing really well.

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