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Looking for folk music CD's or DVD's with singers with unusual voices or voices that a boy whose voice has not yet changed can copy

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In terms of unusual, I am thinking people like Tom Waits.


In terms of voices that a boy whose voice has not yet changed could copy that it might need to be a woman with an alto voice.



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I'm looking for 2 things:


1) Recordings that might show that unusual voices can be used in music to good effect.


2) Recordings that my ds could match his voice to (I'll check out Joan Baez as a possibitlity)...not too high and not too low.  Example, we have recordings of both Enya and Pete Seeger singing How Can I Keep From Singing.  The former is in too high a register, the latter is too low. 


John Denver's Country Roads is one he is learning to play on guitar, but Denver's own voice is too low for my son to be able to practice matching to it.  He is also learning John McCutcheon's Calling All the Children Home, but again, McCutcheon's voice is too low for him to be able to follow it.  He needs practice doing this for singing on key.   And he is not yet ready to be able to follow in harmony above or below a voice he hears, or at an octave different.



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Unusual voices, regardless of whether your son can match them:


Michael Jackson


Leonard Cohen


Perry Farrell (Jane's Addiction)


Bob Dylan (somewhat unusual voice, definitely unusual style; folk-ish)


Neil Young (very unusual voice, some folk-style songs, some more rock)

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Did you check the cds at Smithsonian Folkways? (http://www.folkways.si.edu/) Lots of folks singers there and you can sometimes find YouTube videos to match on their channel. Otherwise, what about Leadbelly, Pete Seeger when he was older (he didn't stop singing just because his voice changed), Roscoe Holcomb, Debra Cowan, either of the Guthries, Utah Phillips, Malvina Reynolds, or the Almanac Singers?

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