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my birthday/mother's day


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yesterday was my birthday - and we went and did something dh *really* wanted to do (it was only available yesterday).  it was okay - not my choice though, but it made him happy and it was okay.  (saturday he did take me to the medieval fair & may feast - something I did want to do and only mentioned to him once. :wub: last february.  except it POURED most of the time. :glare:  - we're now past 25" of rain. since january.  we normally hit that around halloween. a northwesterner saying they're sick of rain . . what is the world coming to?)


when I got home, (late) there was a florist's box waiting for me.  1dd had sent them (she was one of my suspects).  I :wub: loved :wub: her card. about dead flowers and chocolates (there were some in the box) for my birthday and mother's day.  for several years, church passed out little booklets about the importance of mothers for mother's day.  I loathed them.  (not sure that's a strong enough word.)  dd and I would sit and talk about how "just give us the dead flowers and chocolate!"  (which is what we formerly had - the chocolate returned a several years back. and there was much rejoicing.)


so that's what she gave me.  :wub:


2dd is coming tomorrow night to watch a chick flick and eat chinese/thai food.


such are my children's schedules these days . . . .

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