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Anyone using or considering Dynamo Math?

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I was just checking out Dynamo Maths and the more I learn about it the more I think I'd like to try it for Daisy for next year (possibly starting this summer). But why does everything for special needs kids have to be so expensive!? I'm already stretching us thin to meet her needs in reading through Barton (which she has made fantastic progress in) and by getting myself O-G trained next month. 


Looking at the actual order form I realized that a 1 year school subscription for up to 5 students is $173.50. But an in-home subscription for one family for 1 year is $159.00. Is it just me or does that seem silly?  


Crazy Idea Alert: There is no school code place on the order form. It just wants a school/organization name and address. What if 3-5 of us got together as an informal "organization" and ordered it as if we were a school and used it? It's online-based so there's no software I don't think. We could even have someone call and ask about if it can be used with a "multi-campus" school ;)  If we did that we could all use Dynamo Maths for a fraction of the cost. 


If we had 5 people it would be $34.70 per person per year.

If we had 4 people it would be $43.38 per person per year.

If we had 3 people it would be $57.83 per person per year. 

Heck, for that matter if just 2 of us wanted to do it it would be $86.75, still a savings of $72.25 for each of us.


It's only a 1 year subscription so people would be free to go a different direction the next year, no big deal. And for those of us hoping to try it but new to it even if it's a total fail (doubtful) we'd have gotten the chance to try it for the year with less financial risk. I don't know if we could get away with calling ourselves an organization but it couldn't hurt to try, right?

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I already paid for ours.  But there might be others who are considering it.  DD will be done in a few weeks with the whole thing.  It has been a little over 7 months I think (brain a bit foggy right now but we did have to renew after our initial 6 month subscription) since we started.  We sometimes do 2-3 lessons a day, though, since they are short and DD is interested.

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Imagine.more, you raise an important unrealized potential ?


While you wrote about 3 to 5 of us getting together, as an informal organization?

This Learning Challenges forum is rather like an informal organization.


What needs to be considered, is the bargaining potential of this situation?

As an informal organization.

Which is part of a larger community of 59,765 members.


Dynamo Maths is regularly discussed here.

Where could send them a message and discuss a progressive block deal?

So that their is an agreed price set in place for all Learning Challenges members.


Basically what I'm suggesting?

Is exploring the negotiating potential, with an informal organization?

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Not to be a "wet blanket," but do be cautious about this. You might want to check with the provider of Dynamo Maths to make sure that a group buy would work. I've heard of a few parents getting nasty-lawyer-letters because of trying to do group buys on Facebook. I'm not saying it isn't possible. It is a good idea that is worth researching. Or see if the Homeschool Buyers' Coop (or whatever it is) can get it...





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geodob, yes you are right that we kind of are already an informal group. I'm not sure how much clout we'd have but it might not hurt to ask. 


mommymonster, I agree we'd have to really look into it more in depth to make sure we could justify meeting the qualifications. A few emails or phone calls could sort out how they view schools and co-ops and other less formal organizations. 

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Though this makes me think about the idea of members here setting up a formal organization?

H/S Learning Challenges Organization.


Where perhaps we could consider the potential for such an Organization, formed out of members here?

As I begin to consider this myself, I see great potential for it?


One area would be to make formal submissions to Govt.

Also to gather and collate data from members ?

Another area is the bargaining power of group with companies?

As well, their is the research potential ?


So I wonder what sort of interest we would have here?

With setting up a formal H/S Learning Challenges Organization?

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Wow.  Interesting, geodob....I don't know.  I guess it would depend on what was necessary to get it started and what the benefits would be for everyone.  I do know that in my area there is almost no organized support whatsoever for kids with any learning challenges.  I mean absolutely nothing that I have seen In the public and private school education community, the medical community, the homeschooling community, or the parents of these kids.  Having a resource on-line that was organized and had some clout that they could turn to and is run by people who are actually in the trenches day by day with their kids might be very useful.  

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