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Paint color advice please?


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I have olive green sofas.  Now, am I planning on keeping them longterm?  Nope.  But I have them right now.


The color I *want* to use is Benjamin Moore's  Soft Fern.  But I suspect  that's too much green.  It's an *extremely* well lit room - big slider as well as a large doorway to the kitchen that is also fairly bright.


Trim is dark brown wood and a matching fireplace mantle that is the centerpiece of the room.


So my top contenders are:


Silver Marlin:


This is almost blue? 



Benjamin Moore's Coastal Fog






Care to share opinions?  Home decorating is *not* my thing.



And while we're at it, I really don't care for the whole accent wall thing - can I just paint the whole living room this because it's so light?

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Coastal Fog is very pretty and a popular color right now.  (We just shopped for Benjamin Moore paint last weekend.) We chose Stingray which is an earthy gray/taupe with just a hint toward green. Very neutral and will go with a lot of colors (we held up lots of different colors next to it in the store to make sure.) Coastal Fog was one of the final contenders as well. 


I will say that I picked out a color that I wanted online but hated it when I saw the paint chip in the store. It looked completely different in person. So, while it is good to look around and get an idea of what you want, plan on spending some time in the store to go through some ideas with the salesperson. Do you have a pillow or fabric sample that you can bring from the sofa? 


Best of luck choosing! It is so much fun to transform a room with a new coat of paint!. :)

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We have soft fern in our living room and I really like it, but our furniture is mostly taupe, so not sure if it would be too much green with your existing furniture.


As info, if you think a color is too intense, you can get the store to mix it at a certain percentage. So our living room is soft fern at 100%, but our foyer leading into the room is at 75%.

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Here is a sample with soft fern used with a deep sage that is maybe the color of your sofas? http://www.benjaminmoore.com/en-us/paint-color/softfern  With wood in the room, if you choose the soft fern with your green sofas, and you use neutral colors for accents, the room could be quite peaceful, like a woodland. That's what the colors will tend to evoke.


The Coastal Fog should be pretty, too, and would be likely to go with whatever new color you might choose for sofas, whereas the fern might not. (But it is very pretty!)


I agree that the Silver Marlin is quite blue and probably won't enhance the room with the olive green sofas, but it is a beautiful color.

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