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I don't really have many local people I can celebate with on this.


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Our kids are really involved with our local children's theatre.  It's been ups and downs but I'm so amazed by how passionate I've

become about theatre and the benefits to kids and what all we can continue doing in the community.  We've been there 4

years now; sometimes daily. :)


Well, they are in serious, going-out-of-business trouble and we brought the proposal to buy them to the owners yesterday.

We meet again today and it looks like we are moving forward.  Of course, it depends on so many variables that might make this

fall through but, honestly, I imagined they would be more likely to be of the mind to want to hang on to it until it bankrupts.

Just getting a "Let's seriously talk about this" is something I feel like celebrating! :)


Quite obviously we are not making this purchase to make money.  This is a save-the-theatre move. My husband and I have

a marketing business that pays the bills.  Unfortunately I expect and we are prepared that we'll have to financially life support

the theatre for up to a year.  Success will be defined by it being able to pay its bills! :)


(This is a jawm thread., but I'd be happy to discuss questions.  I'm excited and we've considered and researched this for months.)

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Cool! Have you considered doing a crowdfunding campaign to help your "save the theater" efforts? You could probably pull in support from families who have benefited from the theater over the years, people who want a vibrant community with many activities, etc.


Erica in OR

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