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State support and disabilities


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My 15 year old son has severe developmental and physical disabilities.  We are currently in a state (Minnesota) that offers decent support now and as he ages.  The problem is, my husband needs a new job and we need to move to be closer to a metro area so he can stop commuting so far.  We would like to live in a warmer state that doesn't have harsh winters because ice and wheelchairs is not a good thing.  The problem is state support.  The range is extreme.   The thing we're mostly looking for is help with long term care.  We are getting older and know there will be a day we can no longer care for him physically.  We aren't even saving up for retirement at this point, much less long term care.  We have planned at this point to have him stay at home, but if we can't afford to hire people out of pocket ourselves, how will we do it?  For those of you who live with little to no state support, what are your plans for the future of your child as they age?



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