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Tuesday's Teachers Lounge 5-6-2014


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I'm only opening the lounge to enable my avoidance of responsibility . . .


So, quickly, before I write myself up:


What's for lunch? I just had a salad of mixed greens, basil, snap peas, baby carrots, and smoked deli turkey. Working on a cup of coffee, hoping it will help me concentrate.


Who else wants/needs a nap? I'll darken a corner of the Lounge, and move a couple of comfy chairs in there.


Who else doesn't feel like doing what they know needs to be done?


Okay, I hear the footsteps of Myself and I coming advancing down the hallway, probably to give me a Gibbs-slap. So before they arrive, I'm off to ensconce myself in the work chair and get it done already!


Talk to me! :bigear:

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Scrap, this thread is haunted or something.  I responded over an hour ago and my post is gone - poof!  I tried again to respond and poof.  And then again - poof!  This is my fourth attempt.


Lunch was coleslaw with grilled chicken, raw veggies with hummus dip and a cheat of 3 tortilla chips.


I need to do a job for my neighbor that I promised I'd do but am now avoiding.  

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