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Favorite Spanish supplements? 4th-6th

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Spanish language childrens books from the library

Pepper in as many "Spanish for Kids" type books and videos from the library as you can stand

Watching (parts of) DVDs in Spanish

Watching cartoons in Spanish


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Besides our main program, So You Really Want To Learn Spanish Book 1, we use Duolingo and Rosetta Stone Homeschool Spanish, we use:


Headventureland games and stories

Cantemos by Susy Dorn DVD

Muzzy DVDs (haven't used the interactive game in a while - computer was having problems)

Little Pim Spanish videos on Netflix or Amazon

Youtube videos like one we discovered today: HBO's El Perro y El Gato


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Here is the link for the Salsa videos: http://www.gpb.org/salsa/term/episode


I had the link on my blog for the support materials.... TM and worksheets.... But my link is broken. I'll have to find it again, and I'll post it if I do.


Here is the link to Satoris Smiles Blog with all the episodes of Elementary Spanish lined up perfectly! ....... If you are a Discovery Education member, that is! http://satorismiles.com/resources/discovery-education-streaming/elementary-spanish-schedule/


And one more: http://www.knowitall.org/instantreplay/content/program.cfm?SeriesIDpassed=43

There is a link on that site with materials to use with the videos.

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Are Salsa videos only online? Searching on Amazon was futile. I found Little Pim though. I see Muzzy at thrift stores occasionally; I'll watch closer.


For books I think we'll start with a Spanish story Bible and a couple Dr. Suess books. The deep familiarity with the stories ought to help.


Spanish dictionary is a good mention! We have one already for DS/rising 10th.



On the Salsa site.....to the left....click on "order now."  So you can order them but I have no idea how much they would be.


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