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What text are you using for American History>>

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We really like Notgrass both as a text and as a company to do business with. They are great people.


It is sold as a comprehensive History, Bible and English course, recommending parents assign 1 cr each in those areas. I'd feel comfortable with the History and English credits, but not the Bible one. I don't feel there is sufficient study in that area to warrant a full credit.


I've used it for History only tis year as ds is taking an AM lit class at our high school homeschool academy and we are pursuing a world view class for Bible. So what I did is add the TTC videos the History of the United States 2nd Ed. to the course. DS really loves the video lectures and i think they fit pretty well with Notgrass.


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We're using American Pageant by David Kennedy, and my son loves it. I also purchased the Student Guidebook which has questions to help with AP preparation.




We're using the same book with the student guide and The American Spirit, which contains coordinating primary sources.

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In our case, it is more an issue of accountability to our oversight academy. Our oversight requires a minimum of 120 hours of study for a credit to be awarded. So at the old rate of one Bible lesson per weekly Unit, we just could not, in good conscience, go with that for a full credit. But I'm sure many people have simply supplemented or done something else for a "credit" in Bible.


I personally think that Bible study and credits should be left up to the individual family and dictates of their conscience. But, some of us have to meet standards set by other outside organizations, and that is why I felt it wasn't enough for us.


Thanks for the update....I really love their product.

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when a subject that I would be teaching in the future came up. Here's some of my notes from those old boards:



A History of the American People (Paul Johnson)

A Patriot's History of the U.S.

American Pageant - 12th Edition

The Politically Incorrect Guide to American History (Woods)

America: The Last Best Hope (Vols. 1 & 2 by Bennett)

A History of US (Hakim)

American History (Brinkley)

People's History of the U.S. (Howard Zinn)


Additional Readings:

What the Anti-Federalists were for?

Federalist Papers - Numbers 1-36, 47-51, and 67-77; recommended version - The Federalist Papers (Kessler/Rossiter Edition)

The Jungle (Sinclair)

10 Days that Unexpectedly Changed America (Gillon)

Thomas Paines "Common Sense"

Opposing Viewpoints of American History (Vols 1 & 2)

Taking Sides (Vols 1 & 2)

Books by Albert Marrin




The Teaching Company - History of the U.S.; The American Mind; Ken Burn's, The Civil War



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We're using Paul Johnson's A History of the American People. Wonderful!


I've been reading this book myself to help prepare to teach my dd next year (or the year after). I must say that I love this book! It is very easy to understand and is written in a way that does not assume the reader already knows the events being discussed. I think it would work well with a high school student.


I will probably have my dd use SL core 100 which uses A History of US by Hakim. I'm also considering TRISMS supplemented with TruthQuest History.

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