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audible recommendations on differing worldviews and spirituality


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I need to cancel my Audible membership to free up some funds for school this fall. But I need to use up my credits first...5 total, actually. I could get books for the kids, but I already have quite a few of those and was wanting some for myself and my dh, too.


I am one of those who has changed my worldview in the past couple of years, but my dh hasn't. So, he is a Baptist, and I am very much eclectic (with a metaphysical, "Earthy"--is that even a term?? LOL-- and Edgar Cayce leaning). Dh is struggling the most with this. He is going to be travelling a lot with work, and likes to listen to books while he's driving, so I would love some recommendations for him to listen to. Any suggestions?


Also, any good recommendations on earth-based spirituality? Maybe some history or just some inspirational? Nothing with a lot of applications or things to do, because I would rather have those in a physical book, not audio, so it's easier to go back and reference. I would love something that's a reliable source of history on witches and paganism. Several things that I've looked at either have mixed reviews or seem to be something that has a lot of practical applications like what I mentioned before.


Any recommendations are appreciated! But Audible has a limited number of books, so not all books are available from them.

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