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Are you studying DNA, Genetic Engineering, Gene Splicing?

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If you're (or your student is) studying DNA, Genetic Engineering, Gene Splicing, or similar, it could be worth it to look at some of the animations here:




to help them get a visual grasp of what is going on.


I'm running through an in-house study guide (web guide) that was developed for our remedial kids (public high school).  I suspect it will still be way over these kids capability, but for others... they are nifty animations.


ps  The web guide is nothing special - just typed questions from the animations to try to be sure the kids actually look at them.

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Very cool.  We are reading two books.  One is the Cartoon Guide to Genetics.  And the other is Evolve or Die (one of the Horrible Science books).


The webquest takes them to many other genetic sites too.  (They may spend as much time typing in sites as they do looking at them!)


This one is pretty good too (for making copies of DNA):




Then you have to click on Techniques, Amplifying (at the top), PCR animation, large...


We then have them clicking on Production (at bottom) and Problem (at top) to learn more about diabetes.


And some fun stuff here:




using the delivery and space doctor tabs.


All just options if anyone is studying these things and wants some added material.

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