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My last post was number 8888 and an update on me


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I just sent in my check to the State of Texas to have my "permanent" LPC license issued. That means that I have completed the 3000 "supervised hours" necessary to be off provisional/intern status and to be a full LPC.

My LMFT came later; I will be at "associate" level for a while longer on that. But it is less urgent because they are in demand (there are less of us) and I can operate independetly on it. So, once Texas cashes my check and posts my full license, I will have 3 licenses to mess  assist with the thinking and minds of people.


My "Plan A" was to stay working one full time job while building my private practice. I was going to build the practice to correspond to when child support ends and when youngest graduates and I could transition from my role at their school into my own business. A house, (modest, cozy) was also in the picture. As some of you know, I have been working 2-3 jobs for over a decade now.


Plan A might have worked it if weren't for child support completely stopping. Totally stopping. Nothing. It is now thousands behind. As such, even though I don't feel I can do it again, I am having to look for an additional job.


I have an interview tomorrow for someone else's private practice. I have other applications for PRN/Per diem work. I am trying, somewhat successfully, so frame it like this: having to work several high level jobs is much, much better than the year I schooled mine and others during the day, ran poker tournaments at night, and cleaned a building until the wee hours of the morning.


I have a new philosophy of life. Remember my accident? After it, I needed a car but the loan for my totalled car was still on the books (and continued for long after the accident.) I had to finance a much lesser car at a buy here/pay here lot. I HATE this car. I hate that it is not reliable. I hate the gas mileage. I hate how use/dirty it is. But it has a sunroof. I like the sunroof. I can enjoy the sunroof.


"Enjoying the sunroof" has became a new metaphor for me. The home that you all helped me (and, more importantly at the time, Adrian) move into is a rapidly deteriorating rental offered by a hostile, difficult, non helpful rental company. But I can enjoy its location in town, and I've been sitting and relaxing on the porch; enjoying my sunroof.


So, I don't want to get an additional job AGAIN. But I can enjoy the sunroof - I have an education and skills and references that allow me to access jobs with a decent hourly rate and use skills I enjoy.



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Sorry to hear about your child support.  Did he quit working or is he just not paying?


Here's hoping you find an awesome part-time job!


He hasn't made a voluntary payment in years. Payments had been garnished from tax returns, work, and unemployment. I think (the Attorney General's office can't tell me specifically.) that was happened is when Congress did not extend unemployment, his unemployement stopped and therefore the garnishing stopped.


The AG's office is filing suit, which has been approved for court. We'll be served papers, and he'll face consequences which can include jail.

But the AG's office takes a LONG time.

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