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Well, that was refreshing!

Laura Corin

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We had one of Hobbes' friends staying with us because his mum was taken into hospital unexpectedly (she's fine now).  He has terrible table manners, by my standards (eating with his mouth open, reaching across other people to get things on the table, head down close to the plate, finishing up everything on the table before other people get a chance, noisy, using his own utensils to serve himself from serving dishes).


Because he's not mine, I didn't have to say a thing!  After the first night, I made additional food to make sure that there was more choice for everyone.  And I just sat back and smiled....



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I feel that way when babies cry in Target. I'm not bothered because it's not my job to sooth them. I think "good luck with that." and happily shop on.


Just got back from grocery store, saw a woman with a LOADED cart trying to get through checkout while her toddler was screaming hysterically...


I was thinking, having a teenager isn't SO bad...:)

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