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Saxon AND Singapore for 1st grade?

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Sooo.....my daughter has been in kindergarten this year, first homeschool with Saxon in the fall, then private school with no set curriculum in the winter, and then back to homeschool this spring. (Insanity, I know). I felt like Saxon was too....fluffy...even back in the fall. She could do all that stuff already, except rattle off the date, and rattle off counting by 5s to 100, and by 2s to 20.  The patterns, the geometry, that kind of thing she could do without a thought. Back in the fall, I added Kumon workbooks for Time and Money.  So, starting HS again in the spring, I picked up Singapore Math Essentials K A & B.  She whizzed through Book A, and most of book B. We're on "Counting On", and that makes her stop and think a bit.  So, I've basically given up on Saxon, except for the workbooks, calendar and meeting book bits. Mostly she likes coloring in the plentiful coloring assignments in the Saxon math worksheets. The Kumon Books are very incremental, and she likes them. We're beginning telling time to the minute through those.  


Every day she does:

  • 1 Saxon Math WS page 
  • 2 pages in the SM Book B
  • 1 page in the Kumon Time book

Takes her about 20 minutes.


My child actually enjoyed 100 EZ Lessons, if that tells you what kind of learner she is.  I was bored out of my gourd, but she begged for lessons.  I mean, I can do this, but should I?  I think she benefits from multiple coverage of the same topics. (We're double-teaming a daily page from Phonics Pathways and a lesson from OPGTR, as well.) 

My question is: Should I continue this approach next year? Is there a problem? A benefit? 
Thank you in advance!
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I agree with going with Singapore.  If she's still breezing through look into their Challenging Word Problems book.  


My son raced through Essentials K in just over 5 weeks, and slowed down a lot when we hit 1.  Now that we're halfway through 1b he's going at a "normal" pace of 1 lesson a day.  Essentials was ridiculously easy, IME.    

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