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BJU Grammar & Writing - 7th & 8th Grades

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If you've used BJU's Grammar and Writing program for 7th-8th grades, can you tell me how you scheduled it?   Especially if you did not use the DVD/online option, how did it work?


We've used BJU English since 1st grade, and it's been working well for both of my kids (with IEW added the past 2 years for supplemental writing, which has been great for us).   My DS will be in 7th grade in the fall, and I recently purchased the Grammar and Writing 7 TM used, and was surprised at how differently it's laid out compared to the elementary books.


Should I just follow the schedule in the back (which looks convoluted on first glance), or just open the book and start at the beginning (which is what we did with the elementary books)?



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I used BJU in 7th and realized the change from 6th to 7th was not a good fit for me. BJU's books are written for classroom teachers; therefore, the 7th grades and higher are written assuming an English major is teaching the English, a math major is teaching the math, etc. Fortunately, during dd's 7th and 8th grade years she was able to attend a writing class taught by a retired English teacher.  I just had her start at the beginning of the 7th grade BJU book and go through it in order doing only the grammar lessons. I don't even remember what the teaching schedule was like. 


For 8th and 9th grades, I switched to Christian Light because I needed more help with teaching and grading her grammar. CLE's 7th grade and up contain page number references to their English handbook. This was a big help to me because I just don't retain grammar rules very well. I can realize something is wrong and not know why. I switched ds to CLE this year and plan to use it along with IEW. 



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