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Switching from Singapore to CLE?


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My ds8 has been using SM since kindergarten. We added in MEP and LOF at the end of last year (first grade). Now he is in SM 3B, MEP 3A, and LOF Honey. The problem is I don't think Singapore is a good fit for him. In fact, he told me recently that he "doesn't think the Singapore way." So I have been looking for something else for next year.

I am looking for-

-clean pages (like SM and MEP). He is easily distracted.

-Something spiral. MEP is great, but SM is just too much of the same thing.

-not Singapore :) I guess I am looking for something less conceptual. We are going to keep MEP as a supplement.

A bonus would be that there is some teaching on the workbook page.


I looks like CLE fits the bill, but where do I place him? The S&S is so different from SM.


Is there something else I should look at?

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