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Fun "pond life" unit for middle grades?

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Especially for a non-sciency mom? We have two ponds on our street. We have permission to canoe/fish on one of them.

 I have had a look at the Yale unit. We plan to take a picture of the pond twice a month for a year, view the water under a microscope, etc.

I think this pond unit, gardening, and identifying maple trees on our property so we can tap them next year is all the "science" we will do this summer, so I would love to prepare. Many thanks!

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Acorn Naturalists has a wealth of pond study materials in their catalog. Type "pond" into the search box and books, videos, nets, etc. will come up.




I particularly like this curriculum for exploring aquatic invertebrates:


Pond & Stream Safari



Lang Elliot's The Calls of Frogs and Toads CD is also amazing. But you'd want to get it soon as many species begin calling in early spring. It is also available on Amazon.




Their triangular aquatic net is extremely sturdy and worth the cost.



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Another beautiful book that we actually bought is 


Song of the Water Boatman and other Pond poemsFrom spring’s first thaw to autumn’s chill, the world of the pond is a dramatic place. Though seemingly quiet, ponds are teeming with life and full of surprises. Their denizens—from peepers to painted turtles, duckweed to diving beetles—lead secret and fascinating lives. A unique blend of whimsy, science, poetry, and hand-colored woodcuts, this Caldecott Honor-winning collection invites us to take a closer look at our hidden ponds and wetlands. Here is a celebration of their beauty and their mystery.

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'One Small Square' series for pond life. There is quite a bit there and lots of names for all those peeps in the water, seen and unseen. Not sure if you'd need to beef it up a bit.


You might find a copy in your library.


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I've been looking at this book too - Swampwalker's Journal: A Wetlands Year. The language looks lovely.


I have loved all David M. Carroll's books. He is a wonderful writer and artist. The Year of the Turtle is another of my favorites of his:




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