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Leftover Mashed Potatoes. The perfect re-do.


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I am eating a wonderful creation (said with due humility). I don't know if others commonly do this or not, but it gets two-thumbs-up. I took the leftover mashed potatoes from last night, mixed in sour cream, a few diced onions, cheddar, salt and pepper, and baked it in a Ramekin in a 350 oven for twenty minutes. Essentially, it is like twice-baked potatoes, without skin. Give it a go next time you make enough potatoes to have some leftover!

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The other thing I will do with leftover mashed potatoes is fry them in butter the next day to go with easy-over eggs. The key is to let them get a good, brown crust, then flip them just once to fry up a solid brown crust on the other side.

I remember my mom used to make those long, long ago. I never really knew what you put in it, or if it needed a binding material of some sort.

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