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Financial aid win!

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Ds and dh are visiting one of the two schools in the running.  We were sorely disappointed in the financial aid offers with two kids in college.  It was really not much more than what we were offered with one kid in college.  Well, dh just called after his meeting with the financial aid rep at this school.  They upped their institutional grant by almost $5000.  While I still nearly hyperventilate when I think of paying these bills (even with the $$ from my mother's estate) I feel so much better about this. 

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Ellen, have you checked to see if this is a one time offer or not an issue if you only need it for one yr..... I don't know anything about these things, but I have read several threads on CC about students were able to negotiate higher aid freshman yr and then were given significantly less their soph yr and it has caused complications. 


I don't want to cause any stress if the question might be completely irrelevant.  

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We know that it is dependent on finances.  So, I am not necessarily counting on it for all 4 years.  They did amend the offer after we turned in the copies of our W-2 and tax forms (even though we had finalized FAFSA.  Our tax picture will probably look different so I know that the offer may not be there in the future.  It certainly won't be there jr. and sr. year since he will be our only in college at the time (even though  we will have one ready to go when he graduates.)  I'll have to quiz dh when he gets home to know more. 

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