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Dr. Hive, please come in...

Shelly in IL

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My youngest son said, "Mom, I've got a weird spot on my leg." He showed me his lower calf, and there is a hard lump shaped like the first two digits of your pointer finger and about that size. I'm freaking as we have a friend whose daughter is currently dealing with osteosarcoma - diagnosed by a lump behind her knee. It is painful - that much I'm glad for (because doesn't a cancerous tumor usually cause no pain?). Getting an appt, but can anyone alleviate some fears? Doesn't look like anything to look at it-'no discoloration, no 3D raised lump. He's 14, just starting to grow, active, and a bit of a hypochondriac - so I know he's worrying. Thanks.

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typing fast cause baby is hungry. google osteo osteoma. DD had one. benign!! main presenting symptom is pain. most common in boys in their second decade of life .


if you are gonna have a tumor this is the best kind to have.



prayers to you



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