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Mrs. Twain - How do you use IEW with School Composition?

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I read in a few posts that you were using both.   How do you alternate them?  I'm thinking about using IEW SWI-A for 5th next year but I'm a little nervous just doing it alone (not wanting to stifle dd's creativity).  Thanks for any help!  If anyone else uses both (or another program with IEW) I would love to hear from you too.  Thanks!

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I just alternate--do one lesson of IEW, then do one lesson of School Composition.  Sometimes I do more than one lesson in a row if I think it would be helpful for to teach some particular skill, or if it would fit into our school schedule better. 


I wrote on your other thread, but here are a couple of other thoughts--

If you go with SWI-A and find it easy for your child, you could do only the mandatory lessons (and skip the extra weeks that are for additional practice if needed).  That way you could get all of SWI-A done in a school year as well as a good number of lessons from another program such as School Composition.


On the other hand, if you choose to do all of the SWI-A lessons including the extra ones (or SWI-B if you go that route), it would probably take you two school years.




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