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Have you used Developmental Mathematics by George Saad?


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We may have used it if we hadn't found MM first. I haven't tried in years, but some of the books are out of print/hard to find. So it may be worth scrounging the boards to see who has and has not purchased it and seeing if you can't find a full set.

Dev Math is nice and too the point and easily done with minimal oversight. The boys liked MM and it works really well for us so I never had any pressing need to go further with it. From what I have seen, I think that it could lay a great foundation though I suppose it might be 'boring' in its presentation. However, at Gils Academy for Young Ruffians we are not into 'bells and whistles' so boring is right up our alley, :).


There have been some other threads here, you can email the members who use it.

Dev. Math

On combining Dev. Math and Singapore

This thread has a user who combined Dev Math with Miquon and then transitioned out of the program

This thread has a lead for another user who uses and loves DM.

A member mentions one down fall of DM in this thread

Some comments from those who have tried DM and loved or not loved it.

This user asked about DM a couple of years ago--maybe she has tried it since then and can give you some more direct feedback on it.

One more on Dev. Math and some comments from users.


You may find more leads if you did an advanced search and targeted maybe the learning difficulties board also. The clean presentation, clear explanations and gradual nature of the program seems like it would work well for advanced, average and struggling students, but given the less glamorous appearance and mild marketing I think it is probably less popular than other options.

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