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need Italian beef recipe that does NOT require a crockpot...


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...since I gave it to CollegeMan to have at his place three hours away.


Same CollegeMan who called from the ER at 3am a couple nights ago - I fetched him home for the weekend.  He looks like Rocky Balboa after his first fight....erg. Stitches all over his nose, big bruises under his eyes, scabs on his face and hands.  He needs a weekend of pampering.

Lost his glasses too. 


Anyway, I have a couple big old beef roasts ready to go - and googling only find me recipes for using a slow cooker! AAARGH!  What is the equivalent it I use my large cast iron pot in the oven - what temp? For how long?



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It does depend on the size of your roast. If you cut it into several pieces, you won't have to worry about internal temp as much. 


As you are using a dutch oven, I would definitely cut into pieces and sear it a bit in hot oil on the stove; the browning will give you better flavor. Then add some water or broth, whatever you usually use in your recipe, to maybe a third of halfway up the meat. 


Then put in at 325 degrees - if this doesn't keep it at a slight simmer, go up a bit, but I bet it will in a dutch oven. 


It will cook in 2 to 3 hours, depending on the size of the roast/pieces. 



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