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Wedding gift help!


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Background - this couple has been living together for about 10 years so they have already set up housekeeping.


What on earth can I get this girl and her husband to be?  Money - no.  It's impersonal.  I know it's practical! :)  Gift card?  Help!



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Picture Frame with a photo.

But honestly, I just don't stress out about wedding gifts anymore.

I write a check, and write a lengthy personal note (with memories) in the wedding card.

To me, that's what makes any gift more meaningful (and my avatar reveals my preference, too)!

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wine drinkers - I really don't know. 

picture frame - yes, this crossed my mind.   lol - avatar.   From one Lizzie B. fan to another! 

zoo membership - very creative.  however, I don't know if they would go for that. 

registered - no, they are not b/c they "set up" housekeeping together about 10 years ago.  so they have the coffer maker, toaster, etc. 


thanks, everyone!

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In your shoes, if they have all the household good they need, then I would not think of this as a wedding present, but as a Christmas present.  I would stay away from "wedding" things and just buy them any old gift.  No, that came out wrong.  I would still buy them a nice gift, but I wouldn't worry about it being "wedding" enough.  Something you would get any couple.  Like, (this may be lame, I'm thinking off the cuff) some gourmet popcorn and a Netflix or some such service subscription (for movie watching together.)  Gift cards to nice restaurants and a movie giftcard (dinner and a movie).  Stuff like that.  I'd stay away from the home goods and just get them a fun gift that they can use together, just as I would if I bought them a joint Christmas gift.


Oh wait, I saw the above one about the cool door knocker.  If you could find a really unique home item, them that would be good.  But only if it's unique.


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