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favorite TOPS science books

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We've used quite a few TOPS units, but none were for elementary ages, so I can't help you there. (In fact, the vast majority of TOPS units are rated for grades 6+, so you might want to consider other books and kits, too.)


I've done a number of group science for grades 1-6, but, alas, no kits -- on all of those, I pulled together various materials and information. However, in case it helps, science topics that went over especially well as a group and for that age include:

- dissection (we did cow eyeballs one time, and owl pellets another time)

- magnets

- simple machines (lever, wedge, inclined plane, pulley, etc.)

- building structures (bridges, towers, etc.)

- rockets

- earth's structure & plate tectonics

- volcanoes

- rocks / rock testing


I also think these science topics would work well with a group:

- bubble science

- kitchen chemistry

- light & optics

- plants (leaf collection; dissect various flowers and fruits; etc.)

- make paper


These kits are great for the gr. 2-6 ages, and would probably work well in a group setting:

- Science Gems

- Delta Education: Science in a Nutshell kits

- Snap Circuits

- Wild Goose 3-in-1

- Lego or K'Nex engineering kits

- Science Wiz kits

- sun print paper



Sounds super fun! Have a great science summer! Warmest regards, Lori D.

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Our favorites were Corn and Beans, Radishes, and Electricity.  It depends on your set up as to which would be better for a group.  Corn and Beans and Radishes obviously deal with growing things.  They will require some daily monitoring.  Electricity was really fun and I think it would be easy to do in a group situation. 

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Delta - Science in a Nutshell 


We have been very happy with all of these. The materials are good quality and the activities interesting. They are for the age group you are looking for and come with multiple journals for the kids to record their information. I consider them the precursor to the higher level TOPS programs.


The TOPS electricity book is a good choice for younger kids. It always seems to be a hit. My kids have come back to it in their free time.

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