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Looking for book recomendations

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My daughter likes Fantasy books and has read quite a bit but now is stumped at where to look for more.  We just went to the bookstore and none of the titles looked interesting to her.  She really enjoyed the Harry Potter stories a few years ago.  She will still reread them when there is nothing else to read.  She has few others that she rereads on her kindle that are considered YA but she is still looking for something more like the HP series.  She is 14, doing 9th grade work and is a strong reader.  Any book recommendations?  I have thought about going over to the adult side and looking but not sure if the content would be right for a 14 year old girl.


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:blushing: I liked the Ranger Apprentice series.


Tamora Pierce has several good series:

The Protector of the Small quartet ( a good place to start, although technically not the first chronologically)*

The Song of the Lioness quartet* ( a bit more mature, but not distressingly so - some physical relationships, no graphic details as I remember)

The Immortals quartet

The Circle of Magic quartet

The Circle Open quartet

Trickster series*

Beka Cooper series*


Asterisks represent favorites. Pierce's characters are "real people" and they do have physical relationships, but everything is fairly tame. My dd was a club swimmer when she read the Protector of the Small series. The lead character isn't necessarily gifted at her chosen calling, but she works harder than everyone else, so it resonated with dd. Even as an adult, I enjoy many of Pierce's books for her witty and spirited characters.


Libba Bray is another favorite author, especially her Gemma Doyle trilogy which starts with A Great and Terrible Beauty.


Garth Nix has several different series of varying quality and difficulty. The Old Kingdom series is probably his best.


It can be difficult to recommend good YA fantasy books on this board and not offend. I am not huge on censorship with my kids' reading choices other than something I consider developmentally inappropriate or just junk. But one person's junk is another's classic. :tongue_smilie:

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My 9th grader has been reading the Shannara series by Terry Brooks. It's not YA though. DS pretty much skipped YA. He's a well-read kid who chats about his reading frequently. I suggest books/authors for him, but he gets free-reign in a bookstore.

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