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Geography & Typing Recommendations?


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Well, if you just want a get her done geography work book you could look at the Evan Moore products.  I sometimes have used those and while a bit dry at times, they cover things fairly well I guess.


Memoria Press has a pretty good geography curriculum, from what I understand.



If you don't mind the cost and want something with a video component you can use Visualizing World Geography.  It is frequently on sale at HSBC.


There are many other options out there.  You might do a search on the boards.  Lots of past threads on geography that might net you more detailed pros and cons of specific curriculum.


As for typing, Typing Pal and Type to Learn 4 are good and both are usually available at a reduced rate at HSBC.  Type to Learn 4 has the student be a secret agent and you move up in rank as you type so it is very kid friendly.  Just make certain you are checking fingering position and posture every time they sit down to type until those things become automatic.  It is a lot easier to work on this at the beginning and get it right the first time than to try to correct poor posture and fingering later on, after it has already been learned incorrectly.

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kathkath gave you the link for HSBC.  It stands for Homeschool Buyer's Coop.  Great site and free to join.  It basically gives you the buying clout of a school district so you can gain access to items not always available to homeschoolers, or at a better price than is normally available for individual sales, etc.  And they have "group buys" periodically where the price goes down the more people agree to purchase an item.  You can also get your personalized homeschooler's ID card, along with your kids.

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Typing: DanceMat


advantages: free, kids love it, animation or songs at the end of each goal


disadvantages: you have to keep track of where you are from one day to the next; there is no sign in.


review: After Mavis Beacon left her in tears, our child thrived with this program.  Dd7 has now graduated to Mavis, and she can type faster than 12wpm!


Geography: Top Secret Adventures


advantages: dd7's favorite subject.  I think that we purchased it through Homeschool Buyer's Coop, so we got a deal on it.


disadvantages: I do a lot of the reading (or share the reading) with dd for this curriculum.  The reference book doesn't always have good pictures to display what is in the text, so we supplement with books from our library or photos from the internet.  You would need to buy one kit for each child, as resources are not shared well.


review: Any subject your child begs to do is a good subject.  Dd is gaining a world perspective as she solves puzzles and learns how to reason deductively.  The curriculum is self-contained modules, so whenever we complete a country, i send dd over to the box to pick out another envelope that interests her.  This would be a very easy curriculum to do episodically (half this summer, half next summer.


Geography supplement:  Map of the Whole World ebooks by Siddhartha Sinha


advantages: Even I can draw these!  Ridiculously affordable


disadvantages: It takes time to learn to draw


review: Drawing something from memory means that you know it REALLY well.  It is a thrill to see my dd7 draw a map of Australia, and add (and identify) Papua New Guinea, Tasmania, the Tasman Sea, New Zealand, and Stewart Island!  We are also inspired by Blob Geography.


Geography supplement: Sheppard Software Geography


advantage: free, effective


disadvantage: takes time


review:  The last 10 minutes of every geography lesson are spent on Sheppard Software Geography.  We do whichever continent our current country is on.  However, this software only teaches facts (country location, capitals).  For long-term memory, dd will need to specifically recall something about that country (like "the Wall" in Berlin, or flightless Kakapo parrots in New Zealand) that our primary Geography program teaches.

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Geography -- We have enjoyed this book this year, and you can make it very simple, or a bit more complex. I put all of the questions into a worksheet form, and then I added some notebooking sheets for each country, but it would work very well as just a read-and-look-up thing too. http://www.amazon.com/Great-Global-Puzzle-Challenge-Google/dp/0753467216/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1398616165&sr=8-1&keywords=global+puzzle+challenge+with+google+earth


Heifer International has some free geography kits, or they did a few years ago.


We are going to use A Child's Geography Volume 1 next year. It is heavily earth science-based, but it talks about longitude and latitude and such, so I think it will complement our earth science nicely. Its activities look fun, and if you're Christian, the missions emphasis looks nice too.

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I got my 6yo Typing instructor for kids for Christmas. It was inexpensive and he really enjoys it. I do have to supervise a little because it is very free in what the child can do from day to day. For instance I have to assign a lesson for him to work on each day--it does not automatically advance him to the next one. But overall we are very happy with it!

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