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In Singapore 4B, lots of mistakes on their practice problems...do you test?

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I'm beginning to doubt math here. We've used Singapore from K through 4B (including IP and CWP). I always thought the kids were pretty good in math. They can solve some fairly hard problems in their head, they seem to 'get' it, ... But, the numerous mistakes they are making drive me nuts, and question whether they really do understand it as well.


So my questions are: are mistakes normal in their practice problems (text and workbook)? Or should they mostly get things right? What about the review sections? Should I start considering them as tests? How do you separate the careless mistakes from not understanding type mistakes? Or don't you? If I sit next to them and have them talk through the problems to me, they tend to do better. They are more focused. But I can't sit with three kids doing math; those pages should be independent. Shouldn't they? They are 9 yo. They don't complain about working on thej math. It's just the number of mistakes anymore that are making me question everything.


Oh, and some of the harder word problems I'd expect more mistakes on, they actually get just fine.

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If there is more than a mistake a page for SM. I just gave it back to my boys to check. I'm too lazy to mark out their careless mistakes for them.

If they get the same question wrong twice, I ask them to explain how they solve the problem to see where their mistake lies.

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No, with the work/textbook I do not expect many mistakes, because frankly it's mostly drill. If he is consistently missing, then I go back and retrace steps to see where w went wrong. We had to do this with long division recently. So I would just backtrack.


As an aside, I find there's way too many problems per section in the text/workbooks together and once I am satisfied he gets it, I only assign every other problem.

In CWP, well there I expect many misses because they are a different sort of problem entirely.



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