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TOG Technical Question

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Every six months or so I am inspired to look at a few of the TOG units (DE) that I own for some inspiration and every time I try to access those units there is some new security hoop I must jump through. It makes me crazy.


This time when Lock Lizard updated it told me that it could not open the files until I turned off the screen capture application. I have owned this computer for almost two years or I guess since the weekend the ever-fabulous Windows 8 came out and I have never done a screen capture.


Any suggestions other than wait until tomorrow to call TOG's technical support?


These days if I don't act on a hot inspiration immediately, it becomes lost forever. :tongue_smilie:

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Lock Lizard would give me that message when I had Evernote idling (not open but it would linger in the task bar).  Be sure to look at any programs running in the background.  Some programs have a built in screen capture/web clipper capability even if you don't ever use it.  LL pings if a program, that has that capability, is idling on your computer.

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