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Never mind me...I'm just venting.


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1) To Mr. Big Bad Court Appointed Attorney: Waltzing into the office acting like a pushy, manipulative bully wasn't really the best tactic to take. We aren't the enemy. Some consideration and patience would have gotten you what you needed faster. Your lawyer tricks were really unnecessary. And now, we don't like you. So next week, when you come back, your needs might not be a priority. You'll get what you need as dictated by law, but your attitude may play a huge part in how fast you get it. Don't be a donkey's backside. 


2) To the funeral home who called asking for a signed death certificate: I went out of my way to track down the attending physician, get his office to fax me the document you needed and contact you to find out your fax. Getting mad at me because I don't have the first clue the circumstances of the patient's death was a waste of time for both of us. Technically, I didn't have to actually find the attending for you or the expiration documentation. All I was required to do was give you his name. We have over 400 patients on any given day. It's not in the scope of our duties to know the details of a patient's demise nor it is in the scope of our duties to do your dirty work. "Thank you" would have worked better than your pissy attitude. 


3) To the new girl: ANSWER THE FREEKING PHONE. Even if all you can do for the caller is put them on hold, ANSWER! It's completely unacceptable to allow the phone to ring incessantly. We're the trauma center--people need to reach us! PICK IT UP WHEN IT RINGS!


4) To the 2d shift: No, it's not ok to sit around gabbing, waiting for the day shift to leave so you can "begin work." You're clocked in, WORK. 


5) To the person who thinks jeans are acceptable simply because they're not blue: Jeans are jeans, regardless of color. You look sloppy and unprofessional, and, management has been made aware of your dress code violation. And no, there is no medical reason for you to wear jeans to work. Suck it up and get some regular pants. We all had to; so do you.


6) To the new manager: Yes, we were all your coworkers and friends before you were promoted. But now the relationship has changed and we expect you to manage, not try to be our buddy. Things are falling apart. Please fix them, or get help doing so. We can't handle much more turn-over. We need stability in this department. We are all over-stressed. Please LISTEN to us. 


Can you tell it's been a bad week??

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