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History after BF US & World History 1?

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My eldest did BF US & World History (all) for 9th and 10th.  14yo has done BF US & World History (1st half) for 9th.  They like the program, but I don't feel like it is a fit for me....I don't follow up /require enough of them to ensure they are really doing a thorough job of it.  I would like to switch to something structured with tests next year for the 14yo (will be 15 by then).  BF US & World History Parts I and II cover Civil War and WWI.  Is there another curriculum with tests (simple to implement) that starts at WWII?   My 14yo doesn't want to switch...he wants to stay the course (but who wouldn't like an easy credit where Mom doesn't require much?)


ETA: I avoid grading subjective stuff...but tests/ MC/ Fill in blanks....those I don't avoid grading so much.  I don't mind grading an occasional subjective item, but not every day.  I think that may be the hang up.  Suggestions?

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