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Trying to understand what Talent Search is


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I am trying to figure out what Talent Search is and what Explore, SCAT etc mean. We are enrolled in EPGY for DS (6 year old 1st grader) now. It is easy and not fun enough for him, even at the higher grade levels. We want to check out other options provided by CTY and TIP. I am not clear what testing is required and at what age to start them. 


Can someone please point me to resources that explain what Talent Search is and what the entry age is and what options are available in California?

Thanks in advance.

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The SCAT is for 2nd through 6th grade. CTY uses it for their classes and camps but none of the other GATE programs I've seen will accept SCAT scores except as part of a porfolio.


Most of the talent searches have been using the EXPLORE, but this was the last year of that test. Not sure whether they will be giving above-level Aspire (the test that is replacing the EXPLORE). Some talent searches start the EXPLORE in 3rd, others wait until 4th or 5th. You can use the EXPLORE taken through one talent search to qualify for others EXCEPT for CTY (they will tell you to take or re-take the SCAT).


Starting in 6th or 7th, the talent searches switch to the SAT and ACT. Most will accept either test, but CTY's SET will only accept the SAT. CTY does not start testing with the SAT or ACT until 7th, but will accept SAT scores taken in 6th in lieu of the SCAT, but only through the summer immediately following 6th. Once the student starts 7th, he/she will need to retest in order to maintain eligibility.


My oldest took the SCAT in 2nd through CTY, the EXPLORE in 3rd through C-MITES, and the SAT this year in 6th through NUMATS. She will take the SAT next year in 7th through CTY to continue her eligibility. She won't turn 13 until mid-October of her 8th grade year so it's possible she might do one last SAT then to try to make SET.


ETA: Hoagie's has a lot of info here: http://www.hoagiesgifted.org/talent_search.htm

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