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Converting Rubric Grades

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If you have 7 areas being graded and the scale is 1-5 w/5 being exemplary, 3 being adequate, and 1 being inadequate. Grading Scale is 7 point (93-100 is an A. 85-92 a B, etc.



Now I would assume that 3's are C level work but if you get a 3 in every category you fail because 21/35 is 60 and you need 70% to pass. I would assume that if All 5's is the highest A then all 4's should be the highest B and if you have mostly 4's and a few 5 then you are somewhere between 92 and a 100. I would say 94-95.


however because the way rubric works, a student who has 2 categories at 5 and 5 at 4 =30 points and 30/35 =86 which is very low B.




WHY??? Makes no sense to me.



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I'm not sure what the question is, but here, I just calculate how many possible points they can get, grade their efforts against the rubric and write down their total points earned.  Divide the points earned by the possible points, like you did.  I have a 10 pts spread between letter grades (100-90=A, 80-90=B) though, so I'm not sure if in your case, who has set the grade spread. I see what you're saying about a 3 not really being the middle grade, but..I just grade it and go on and they take what they earned. LOL

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NC uses the 7 point grading scale -don't like it but it is what is.


My question is why is B level work given C's and C level work given D's. The grading rubric needs to be weighed for a percentage grade.


If you get all 5's, you have 100 the best A available because you did all points at an A level. If you do all points at a B level (4 points), then your grade is 80 and that's a C on the 7 point scale and it's the lowest B on a 10 point scale. If you do all C level work, you get 60% which is failing on a 7 point scale and the lowest D on a 10 point scale. That is not a fair grade to students.


If all 5's award you with the highest A then all 4's should give you the highest B (92 or 89 depending on your grading scale).


I found this rubric converter: http://roobrix.com . It helps weigh the grades to be more appropriate. So whereas a child who has a mix of 4's and 5's had a grade of 86 (a very low B) now has a 93 or 94 depending on whether you set the failure rate at 60 or 65. (At 70%  the grade is 95 but because 1 is not D but failure I adjusted failure percentage to reflect that).

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