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Is there an easy phonics book to review between 1st and 2nd grade?

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How about ABeka's Handbook for Reading?  It's just a reader, but it reviews all phonograms, the rules and provides lots of words to read. 


If that's not what you're looking for, you might consider Explode the Code. 


Another idea is that Christian Liberty Press has an inexpensive phonics workbook series.  It's called Adventures in Phonics.  Each book is a full year, but they are so inexpensive that it wouldn't be too much of an investment.  They are simple workbook pages with ample review on all phonograms.  The TM is unnecessary.  Very self explanatory.


I hope this helps.





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The school phonics student books would be good if you just read a few of the words in each section and then do the fun workbook pages, it would take longer if you tried to read every word.




You don't need the teacher manuals if you have taught phonics before.


You could also do my program for well taught phonics students:



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