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IEW -- Your Child Can Write -- Is this the new SWI????


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I am confused and hope that someone can set the record straight for me. Perhaps I should call IEW and ask away!


We have the SWI-A Old School version. It's a full school year covering several of the TWSS Units. I tried combining my boys and it was a flop as they're so far apart skill wise. I couldn't pace it appropriately and so we dropped it. My boys LOVE Pudewa and I do think that the program has value for my kiddos but I can't run several levels of IEW simultaneously and not those DVD format courses. It's too time intensive. It became very obvious that my oldest child needed a lot MORE and the youngest needed to slow down and practice the new skills. 


This new fangled Your Child Can Write looks like a true writing boot camp at only 6 weeks in length. I can choose the middle school option for my 11 year old and he can have a spring/summer writing intensive IEW style which would fill in nicely while I am working on a strong 6th grade writing/English plan (possibly outsourcing). 


Besides the pacing do you know how this is different from the old school SWI? Are you studying fewer units or would we be getting a crash course overview of most of them? Why the change? Is it still recommended to follow up with the SICC? If you know where to find a detailed explanation on the IEW website I'd be grateful for a link. I'm still looking and researching and haven't found the answers I need. 



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I remember reading about this on their yahoo group. It is NOT the new SWI. They basically said that if your homeschooling, it's not for you. It's geared for public school students.

Okay. I'll keep looking into it then. Thanks for sharing this. Bummer! I was really hoping for a power packed IEW style Boot Camp for my middle schooler. 


ETA: The wording makes it sound like its geared for home use. "YOUR CHILD Can Write" rather than "Your STUDENTS Can Write". And why a 6 week boot camp in public school? It makes it sound like the student would spend a good block of time with this in those 6 weeks. Maybe I misunderstood … 

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