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When do you start summer gifted programs?

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i would love to hear from veteran BTDT parents on this board about when they chose to enroll their child in summer gifted programs?

At what age and why? Would you do it at the same time again, earlier, later or not at all? What was so unique about those programs that makes it a worthwhile investment? Which programs and what did you think about them?

There are three programs that are in my local area: A new SIG, CTY, and a local parents created program that I suspect the enrollment population is comprised of bright students/moderately gifted. It is also possible for me to have access to the programs at Stanford EPGY or Berkeley (ADTP or SIG) as well. There are so many choices and starting at the very youngest age.



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I've heard through the grapevine that the younger kids summer programs tend not to be worth the money. The ones for older kids (middle school and up), by contrast, I've heard really good things about. We had originally been hoping to do one for DD this summer but we weren't able to make it work in our budget for various reasons. Hopefully next summer because she's getting to the point where we really need to start building up her resume for high school applications.


At 5 I would just find something that he likes to do- Legos, science, chess, etc. and save your money for the GATE programs later on.

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We also waited for middle school to send the kids to residential camps. They absolutely loved them when they reached the teenage years & they wanted to connect with kids like themselves and academic mentors outside the family. But before that age, we were all very happy with spending our summers relaxing and doing local stuff like science museum programs, vacation bible school, morning nature programs, hikes, library, etc. They did love visiting grandma for a week or two in another state on their own. :001_smile:

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