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Who's going to tackle Wednesday with me?

Jean in Newcastle

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Have a wonderful day everyone!

On spring break, footloose and fancy free.


Reading Chicagoland Vampires series and A Fiery Peace in a Cold War.


Youngest has a friend coming over for a sleepover.


Need to rent a steam cleaner to detail new car for eldest, got a great deal on it but it is gross inside, belonged to a hoarder whose habits spilled out into the car as well as the home.  I scrubbed most of the stains out of the seats yesterday but it still needs a good cleaning.  It is very smelly.


and, of course, the "what the hell am I going to make for dinner today" game.

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We'll miss my friend's funeral when we're away next week. Sigh.



--school, as usual

--some flavor of exercise

--hem some jeans

--double-check everything for next week

--decide where to place the plants I'm buying tomorrow from the university botanic garden sale (native perennials)

--get dd at 3 so she can drive to a job interview

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I'll play!


Clean living room and vacuum

Wipe down sliding door

Sweep dining room and put down placemats

Be Mean Mom and have kids clean their rooms and make their beds

Vacuum bedrooms

Fold and put away laundry (yuck)

Take us all to the zoo to reward us for working so hard. (This doubles as exercise for me. Whoop!)

Make the older two do a sheet of math while I do reading with the 4yo.

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Good morning!  I have done my early morning stretches and exercises.  I have just finished drinking my early morning magnesium too.  


I'm back to my "normal" chronic achiness with nothing acute going on at all.  And the best part is that for the first time I know a specific cause for every single one of those aches and know that every single one of them is being targeted at PT.  Perhaps there is hope.

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:hurray: Jean!


I am slowly starting to feel better. But, just slowly. Now dd2 is feeling lousy, so here we go...


We have school, some chores, and practice later.


Ds1 has a few errands and packing. I really hope he doesn't get sick.


Have a great day, everyone.

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Human care including breakfast - done

Pet care done

Printed off ds's checklist which has made mornings so much more pleasant by keeping him on task.


OK - now I've been sitting here dinking around on this computer for the last 20 min. and it has to stop.  I am really achy this morning but it is no excuse.  So. . .  putting on my infamous 15 min. timer and heading into the kitchen. . .    

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Hi Girls! I'm here! Better late than never!

** school - done!

** DS dentist - done!

** library - done!

** clean up kitchen - done!

** clean sliding glass door - done!


Now I'm on my way to my parents' house for dinner!


Oh, and happy to report - clean dermatologist report.

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:hurray: yea, Krissi!


I am back home. We are eating out of the frig and chilling out. ds1 went downstairs to play drums (might be getting a bit nervous about his great adventure). Though he ate lunch at 2 pm so he might not be hungry. I will go down in while to find out. The delicate balance of parenting a laconic 17 year old.


A few things accomplished, most left undone. Though a bit a fun news:  my dyslexic daughter is organizing a book club with her friends. She is really excited and happy that she is reading the same books as everyone else.


Have a great night everyone!

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