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Can someone suggest a good edition of Tocqueville's Democracy in America?

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I don't have a suggestion for you, but thought you might find this link helpful.


ETA: In The Well-Educated Mind,  SWB recommends the two following editions:



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Not an edition of the book, but I would highly recommend the Great Courses lectures on Democracy in America.


The set is called Tocqueville and the American Experiment, and the lecturer is Prof. William Cook. It's on sale now, too. My son and I used this set along with one on the Federalist Papers and the "Idiot's Guide to Gov't" for his 1/2 credit government course. This combination was fairly easy to implement, and we both learned so much.



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Thank you, both.  I ordered the Great Courses lecture, and the edition of the book that SWB suggested.  We've never tried a Great Courses lecture, hopefully we'll enjoy it.😊


Oh girl, where have you been?  Great Courses lectures are some of the great pleasures of homeschooling a high school student. Don't be daunted by listed prices. Sales are good, but the library, Amazon, and Ebay are even better.


Someone on the board will always have a code you can use to lower the price on courses you buy directly from Great Courses.


Have fun!

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