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If you used MFW 1850MOD for middle school


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What did you use for writing and grammar with this program?


First, we don't like Writing Strands and second, I'm not sure if I should drop Hake Grammar 6 for "Applications of Grammar".  I can't wrap my brain about how thorough AoG is. I do see that I can use it for a few years.  Saxon seems pretty advanced to me for "6" and we're 1/3 the way through.  But it has zero context to it and I'm not sure dd would know grammar outside of this program.  It's easy to use, but I'm not sold she's learning anything.  We're hitting some pretty complicated concepts.


DD wants to be a writer and I think grammar should be hit upon all through high school.  BJU is semester only starting at grade 7!  


So basically I need a program that does both grammar AND writing that works off itself, or I need to find a combo that works well together for grade 8! and get what I need for MFW.  Another question would be if you used "Applications of Grammar", how deep does it go.  I can't find a S&S on it.



Any takers?  I have zero idea where to go.



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My dd was in 5th grade when we did this.  I know, not quite Jr High, but since no one has responded, I thought I'd toss some ideas out there. :)


So, we used Rod and Staff.  We always use Rod and Staff for Grammar.  For Writing, I'm having a hard time remembering what we used that exact year, I believe it was mainly Rod and Staff along with the assignments in the SOTW activity book.  If your student is in Jr High though, The Elegant Essay is my favorite.  I love how you can split it up into chunks and really focus on one part of an essay with your student. We started it at the end of 6th grade to learn about Thesis statements and opening paragraphs, and worked through it her 7th grade year to perfect the different elements of an essay.  This year, for 8th grade, I used it as a refresher course about a month ago.  She did exercises in the book she hadn't completed before to brush up on her skills and fine tune them.  


I've been looking into Essentials in Writing for my daughters and thought you might be interested too.  It does combine Grammar and Writing, is affordable AND is video driven.  Music to my ears right now LOL!


Hope that helps!

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