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scavenger hunt type library program

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I looked and looked and did not find one like I wanted, so I made one up on 3x5 cards. I wrote a book to find or find _____ and they had to go get the book or write the answer on the back of the card.


Under what dewey decimal number would you find a life story of Ben Franklin?

Find a book written by an author with the same last intial as you.

Use the library catalog to find how many books the library has in the children's section about China. What fraction are checked out?



I actually ran out of ideas for cards. If anyone has any ideas, please post them. It would be fun to do again.


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I did this eons ago to get my kids familiar with one of the Write Source books.  I made my own, and I am pretty sure I first heard about it here on the boards.  That would have been ten years ago, though, I'm thinking!


I found this, but I know that mine was used specifically so that my kids would know WHERE to find things ahead of time, index, table of contents, different chapter subjects, etc.

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