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Is there anything like Veritas Press Self-Paced Courses for


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7th-9th grade? I just sampled their elementary and Omnibus levels. My children will be 13 & 15 when the new school year starts, although I've held both of them back a year, so they will be in 7th and 9th grades. The Veritas Press elementary levels are probably too simple for 7th and 9th grades, but the Ominibus is probably too difficult. My oldest child (22yo) used the Omnibus 1 book for 7th grade when it first came out (I put in my order before the book was actually published), and I thought it was too demanding for his age (he's my smartest kid). If the self-paced course is anything like the original book, I know my kids won't be able to succeed with it. Also, they did the ancients last school year, so they probably wouldn't be too happy to do it again.


I would love for them to have courses like the VP SP for all of their classes except math (we're happy with Teaching Textbooks), but I can't find any online courses like the VP courses. The Alpha Omega Monarch courses don't look nearly as good as the VP courses, and the interface (is that the right term?) looks like it's from 15 years ago. Dew Learning is too new and hasn't even finished creating their middle school classes, and they don't have high school. I don't think my kids would do well with online courses through The Potter's School or similar online schools.

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