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Heard Around the House


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I was inspired to share this little exchange by the the things you never expected to see thread. 

Me and my older sister just overheard this exchange and I chuckled a bit.

The 5yo is my brother, the 6yo is my cousin. They were playing around on the floor when the following unfolded:

5yo: Hey, K?

6yo: Hmm?

5yo: Remember that time you said I was too short and I bit you?

6yo: .....Yes. That was just two days ago.

5yo: That really hurt me.

6yo: You weren't hurt, fibber. You bit me!"

5yo: No, you said I was too short. That hurt my feelings.

6yo: Oh...I'm sorry, S. You are not to short. *gives 5yo a hug*

5yo: Thats okay, K. Don't do that again,

My sis.: Wait a minute S! You bit K? Don't you have anything to say to her about biting her?

5yo: Oh! Uhm...K?

6yo: Yes, S? (Her tone was very expectant.)

5yo: You taste salty...

6yo: Oh.

5yo: and dirty.

6yo: ...we were in the sandbox, S. I was sweaty and dirty.




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