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what Shakespeare movie comedies for my teen special ed son

Jeannie in NJ

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I have started reading about Shakespeare with my son.  I am having him watch the older Romeo and Juliet movie today.  But I also want him to watch some of the comedies.  He is 16 but more like a 12 year old in some ways.  He loves very silly, broad comedies.  So what movies of Shakespeare's comedies would he enjoy?

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Not what you are asking for. But I am getting in the habit of bringing this up whenever the topic of shakespeare comes up. 


Ian Doescher wrote two Starwar movies in the format of shakespeare. He is working on the third right now. 



He even has a free educator's guide



[Luke, holding stormtrooper helmet.]

Alas, poor stormtrooper, I knew ye not, 

yet have I taken both uniform and life

From thee. What manner of a man wert thou?

A man of inf'nite jest or cruelty?

A man with helpmate and with children too?

A man who hath his Empire serv'd with pride?

A man, perhaps, who wish'd for perfect peace?

What'er thou wert, goodman, thy pardon grant

Unto the one who took thy place: e'en me.†
― Ian DoescherWilliam Shakespeare's Star Wars: Verily, a New Hope



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