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Christian apologetics curriculum/resources

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Our adult Sunday school class at church is wanting to delve into Christian apologetics. I have access to some books/websites on this topic, but in terms of a "spine," I thought there might be something for homeschool, possibly at the high school level, that would suit our purposes. My ideas for the study are a little vague at right now, but I would love to see something that considers apologetics from a historical perspective -- think Irenaeus, Augustine, et. al., right up through Lewis and beyond. I have no idea if such a thing exists, or if I might be able to cobble something together. :confused1:


This is a theologically conservative United Methodist church, so they will probably want something from that angle. I will be handling the bulk of the teaching, however, and I am open to other resources, as I like to consider theology from varying perspectives. Any and all suggestions welcome!

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RZIM has several video courses you can choose from. They also opened the RZIM Academy last week, which will teach online courses. Everything that RZIM does is high caliber.


I must admit, though, that from your description, I'm not sure you're looking for an apologetics class, but maybe a church history class? Church History in Plain Language is a really good, accessible book.


If you can give me a little more information, I might have more ideas.

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Thanks, I'll check all of those out!


If my description sounds like I don't know what I don't know what I want, it's because... well, I don't know what I want! :D 


I actually wasn't there the Sunday they decided this would be the next topic. I only got, "We want to study apologetics next. Will you teach?" and even that was sort of in passing, so I didn't have time to ask questions. It's such a broad topic, and to be completely honest, not one that I find terribly interesting, so I'm surely complicating matters by trying to put a twist on it that I find more palatable (and yes, church history or maybe something like systematic theology would do that for me!).


I'm going to try to get some clarification this weekend as to exactly what they're looking for. I'd hoped that if I was able to check out a few things beforehand, I might be able to help give them some direction. I may be back with more details... stay tuned!

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