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Need Handwriting Book


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DS still needs a lot of practice on handwriting. We do it daily and having a book where he has to complete two pages a day works really well as opposed to just having him write a couple of sentences in a notebook.

We have been through all the HWT books up through 2nd grade, but are not ready for cursive. We even did the second grade book twice-- once in English, once in Spanish. So I'd like something like HWT second grade level or slightly more advanced in terms of longer words and sentences. Any good workbook suggestions? I don't want to go through another HWT book, but I do like the method.

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I just looked at it and it looks like something you download and print, unless I missed a book option.


I am really after a workbook option like HWT because loose papers just don't get the same respect, if you know what I mean. If ds doesn't want to do it, he would crunch the paper up and throw it while having a fit...but if it is a nice book with good quality paper, he is going to respect his book. And unfortunately, handwriting is one of those subjects that ds has a lot of fits about doing.  I am not sure why, because he is at the point now that when he writes stuff for himself for fun, he is getting much more smooth and making great improvements, but he just hates the idea of making letters in some sort or prescribed way. He has his own method and it is really hard to try to get him to break the bad habits. So long story short, I need a nice workbook like HWT, but not HWT.


BTW, what do most people do when they run out of HWT...it seems like we go through one book in about 3-4 months. Do most people go slower, or do they just keep repeating the books over and over?

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