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Permanently binding Temporary-bound punched pages?


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Okay, probably the most awkward title ever, but I am trying to figure out how I want to bind several different things.


For my personal use, I am going to get the Staples Arc system for an address book and possibly other future home organizers.


I've also been thinking about how I want to bind my son's notebooks for next year. I know I want to bind his notebooks in a way that can be edited as we go along, so I was thinking pro-click or a 3-ring binder. Because I'm going to get the arc system for myself, I also considered it as a possibility for his note books, but I want to be able to permanently bind his notebooks (science, etc.) once he has completed each so we can have them as keepsakes.


Has anyone done this? I am thinking the 3-ring might provide the most possibilities for me to make a permanent bound book later since it doesn't cut into the edge.


Thanks in advance for your help!

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I had gotten 3 hole punched lecture notes glue and stitched bond into a nice thick book. I had those done at a book binding store but you can DIY.

For a thin book, I had staple bind 3 hole punches pages. Add book glue and book cover, secure with G-clamps and wait a day or two.

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I think it's a good idea. I'm always trying to come up with new ways to store things I want to keep. Binders are cumbersome.


I have two tubs stored in my attic that I have saved my work from my oldest ds in over the years. Loads of stuff I trash, but the gems I want to keep I try to store in 3 ring binders at the end of the year for storage. But they take up so much space.


Other things with less paper output...lapbooks, history pockets...I store in sturdier report cover type pockets. Art is saved in page protectors.


I drool over a ProClick. I think it save a ton of storage space. 


ETA: I've wanted to make efforts to photograph projects more often and scrapbook...to keep for posterity the things that can't be saved long term. I am terrible at photo organization however!!!!

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I keep our things in a binder and then at the end of the year have them spiral bound at Staples. At least I used to. Our local Staple can now only get small spirals so I may have to investigate other options. The hole punches were never an issue with the spiral binding if that helps.

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