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Modifying the history cycle?

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I had originally planned to complete two 5-year history cycles to be completed by 12th grade:

World History / Geography


Middle History

US History (Exploration to 1850)

US History (1850 to Mod)


I am now thinking of switching things around a bit. I really like Praurie Primer and Portraits of American Girlhood. I was thinking of doing POAG for 2/3 and then PP for 4/5. That means we'd do world history / geography for 6th, ancients for 7th, and middle history for 8th. High school would be a complete a 4-year chronological history cycle. But that means we wouldn't do 2 years total if geography / world history before HS and we would cover US history before world history, ancients, etc, out of order. And would be repeating ancients / middle history only 2 years before repeating it in high school.


How important is it to do the history cycle in chronological order?


Has anyone gone out of order and regretted it? Enjoyed it?


I want to do PP for 4/5 because I think my dd would get more out of it in grades 4/5 then earlier and want to do it over 2 years instead of one because there's so much to cover and don't want to rush. Same thing with POAG.

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I think it's pretty important, but mostly in the middle and hs years. That said, for high school (the only homeschooling years for him), ds did 

9th Ancients

10th Med/Ren

11th 20th Cent

12th Early Mod 


We skipped ahead to 20th cent because he wanted something he was familiar with.


In your case, PP is going to give you a lot of American History, as is Portraits.


Perhaps you could do


2-3 PP

4-5 POAG

Then in 6-7-8 do Ancients, Med/Ren, and then 1600-2000 (or whenever you stop Moderns). 

You will be covering so much geography in the course of history, I doubt you'll really need it a second time thru, esp if you add geo 3X a week using something like Soterra or Runkles.


By the time you get to Early Mods and Mods, American history is just woven through, so you really don't need anything separate (IMO). Add in a quick and dirty gov't course to your 12th grade Mod Hist course, and you'll cover American in context there,too. 



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